CMI – Clear, Meaningful Insight Ltd

Specialising in;

Real-time, practical and relevant modelling in policy advice

Training in management, planning, governance and policy implementation

Policy analysis and advice

Data synthesis and research

Project management

CMI is about –

Providing real-time, practical and relevant models and case studies in policy advice and training to address common management, planning, governance and implementation issues for business and not-for-profit organisation practices.

CMI focusses on providing effective policy analysis and advice to improve strategy, data synthesis, research and project management.

Background –

CMI has over 15 years experience working with government organisations at national, regional and local levels as well as working with non-government organisations in management roles with GPs and primary care nurse clinics, Maori and Pacific health services, iwi authorities and consultancy services to support policy and data analysis and advice and effectively implementing this advice to support the business in its strategic and operational services.

We offer workshops in –

Policy Development

Best Practice Research

Stakeholder Consultation

Evidence Collection