Tri-Linear Ltd

Tri-Linear was established in 2009 by Tim Rooy whose previous experience was as a National Programme Manager in South Africa. Tri-Linear has worked a number of agencies across New Zealand government with contracts ranging from Business Improvement and Finance to Programme and Project Management involving strategic change.

Tri-Linear’s Vision

Constantly delivering the best solutions and providing the Heartbeat to your business.

Tri-Linear’s Mission

We draw on a range of expertise within Tri-Linear and across the Community of Practice so clients are guaranteed the best expertise for the best possible results.

Tri-Linear’s Relationship Management

Because we value our clients we have strict guidelines for ensuring the best possible customer experience by;

having a clear client services strategy, selecting the appropriate in-house skill for delivery, by having a successful service delivery model which benefits clients and leads to proven scales of benefit, by continuously improving what we do, and ensuring that our clients becomes the true change agents within their organisations.

Tri-Linear’s Services

We have a range of services ranging from Strategic and Change Management to Financial Modelling. We find that these services are related and it is important to consider all aspects before presenting clients with a possible solution.
•Strategic Management – Strategy is considered to be the direction and scope of an organisation over a period of time. It is important to compare the organisation’s performance against the changing external environment to ascertain whether tangible and intangible resources are being used as a means of leverage. Reviewing strategy could mean organisation change in order to fulfil stakeholder expectation. This could requires revisiting the organisation’s Vision and Mission to assess the intended strategy, the deliberate strategy, the emergent strategy, the realised strategy and the unrealised strategy.
•Financial Modelling – At Tri-Linear we believe that we design models to suit our clients changing environment to give them market advantage. We do this through a combination of asset management and by reviewing profit margins. Financial modelling forms part of Effectiveness and Efficiency.
•Project Management & Programme Management – We are able to offer our clients various disciplines depending on the environment. It could even mean combining elements from various disciplines to achieve the best result.
•Change Management – Organisational life has evolved since the Industrial Revolution and it’s important that we see our business in a constantly evolving state. Tri-Linear has a proven roadmap whereby we look at an organisation’s environment and sector before establishing an appropriate Change Management process. This requires in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis to establish the reason for change. Change could be emergent where an organisation discovers something new to explore or it could be due to pressure from external factors.
•Knowledge Management – Over the last decade we have seen the importance of Knowledge Management when organisations undergo change. We assist organisations with understanding their organisation by capturing Implicit and Explicit Knowledge. This helps the organisation tomove from a Mechanical Environment to na Organic Environment where it becomes self-corrective and future change will not affect it so dramatically. Knowledge Management also ensures a smooth transition when organisations undergo change due to external factors. Pressured Change can leave many organisations failing operationally if there is no clear Knowledge Management structure in place.
•Benefit Realisation
•Environmental Studies (Cultural & Scientific Monitoring)

CMI – Clear, Meaningful Insight Ltd.

Specialising in;’

Real-time, practical and relevant modelling in policy advice

Training in management, planning, governance and policy implementation

Policy analysis and advice

Data synthesis and research

Project management


Clear Meaningful Insight is about –

Providjng real-time, practical and relevant models and case studies in policy advice and training to address common management, planning, governance and implementation issues for business and not-for-profit organisation practices.

CMI focusses on providing effective policy analysis and advice to improve strategy, data synthesis, research and project management.

Background –

CMI has over 15 years experience working with government organisations at national, regional and local levels as well as working with non-government organisations in management roles with GPs and primary care nurse clinics, Maori and Pacific health services, iwi authorities and consultancy services to support policy and data analysis and advice and effectively implementing this advice to support the business in its strategic and operational services.

We offer workshops in –

Policy Development

Best Practice Research

Stakeholder Consultation

Evidence Collection