The Community of Practice in New Zealand was established in 2012. It’s focus is knowledge sharing.

Knowledge Management has become a leading practice guiding organisations through change.

Our Vision – a society in which communities sharing information and expertise for the  greater good is the norm

Our Mission – to clean out the shed

Our Services – We draw on a range of expertise to provide the following inter-related services.

Strategic Management – Strategy is considered to be the direction and scope of an organisation over a period of time. It is important to compare an organisation’s performance against the changing external environment to ascertain whether resources (tangible and intangible) are being used as a means of leverage. Reviewing strategy could lead to organisational change to fulfil stakeholder expectation. This could require revisiting the organisation’s Vision and Mission to assess the fitness of the intended, strategy, the deliberate strategy, the emergent strategy and the unrealised strategy.

Financial Modelling – We design models to suit our clients changing environment to give them market advantage. We do this through a combination of managing assets and reviewing profit margins. Financial modelling forms part of Effectiveness and Efficiency.

Project & Programme Management – We offer a range and mix of disciplines depending on the environment.

Change Management – All life is constantly evolving and it is important that we acknowledge that organisations and businesses need to evolve with the changing environment. We have a proven roadmap whereby we look at an organisation’s sector and wider environment before settling on an appropriate Change Management process.

This requires in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis to establish the reason change may be needed.

Knowledge Management – Over the past decade we have seen the importance of Knowledge Management when organisations undergo change. We assist organisations to understand their organisation through capturing implicit and explicit knowledge. This helps an organisation to move from a Mechanical Environment to an Organic Environment where it becomes self-correcting and future change will not affect it dramatically.

Knowledge Management is also key to ensuring a smooth transition and avoiding failure when change is due to external factor.

Business Improvement – (Effectiveness and Efficiency Reviews) This requires several forms of analysis including, but not limited to, strategic management and strategy review, change management and financial modelling.

We believe that we assist our clients best when we develop business improvement strategies which are appropriate for their changing environments enabling them to become self-corrective.

Business Analysis – Underlying successful business improvement, change management, project management and strategic change is business analysis. Successful business analysis may also require business analytics where we not only look at data but also skills, the use of applications and tools as well as methodologies and practices

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