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Tim hails from Capetown, South Africa. He is an accountant and was National Business Transformation Manager for the South African Revenue Services at the time of South Africa’s first post-Apartheid democratic election. He was part of a number of international delegations as South Africa transitioned from the apartheid regime to democracy.

Tim is particularly interested in the challenges of delivering core business with twenty-first century cost saving effectiveness and efficiencies. He says that this is particularly relevant to organisations undergoing strategic change. An organisation’s culture is the blueprint by which it chooses to make or not make strategic decisions, hand in hand with its ability to adapt to its changing environment. The speed and frequency with which an organisation makes strategic changes is a key factor in improving its effectiveness and efficiency and can be key to its very survival.

Since arriving in New Zealand in 2003 Tim has contracted for government agencies in postal services, health, immigration, education and justice.

His work has involved him in business planning, financial modelling, transfer pricing and shared services modelling, benefit realisation, risk management, vendor management, stakeholder engagement, business community planning, project and programme management and change management.

2012 – 2016 Tim carried out financial health checks (including benefit realisation) for two government agencies resulting in the reconfiguration of projects and realignment of benefit realisation strategies.

Tim plays golf and also has an interest in mentoring ‘at-risk’ youth. In the past three years he has been working with the Cannons Creek Police team and other agencies in the Porirua Basin mentoring young adults with behavioural issues and possible substance abuse problems.






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